Tom van Campenhout

About polarities and 'being' a way of


Black socks, black pants, black shirt, black glasses. White hair. For a seemingly simple man, averse to any kind of ostentation or other finery, he has an amazingly complex signature.

Chaotic dynamics and soothing consistency, dizzying perspective and rippling scribblings. Sizzling sensuality and sterile detachment, bombastic buildings and feathery phantasms. Some of the polarities are so characteristic of his work.

Tom van Campenhout is an artist who 'lives' his art before it comes into contact with paper, canvas or graphics program. His inquiring gaze catches, mostly in the everyday, which he initiated the creation of new work. This with a clear preference for industrial composition and the female form of the human body.

One both by nature and origin some unbalanced mind, the intrinsic urge to continuously create and benefit from the techniques used without drying, makes him a passionate and highly productive artist.


Bianca Eerman


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